So let’s review Debi’s progress toward becoming a real reader in 2012. I started off strong as my previous post on reading dysfunction shows. (note- I have tried to figure out how to create a link to this that does not spell out the whole web address and alas, no success. The post was from April 9 for those who would care to review. And yes, I realize I should get some techy help soon!) Then summer hit and I got busy with hungry, bored children. Now that all said children are back in school I am back on track. How do I know this? Well, for one I have been in book stores twice in the past week alone! Additionally I have purchased two new books. So my real challenge lies in the fact that having purchased two new novels, AND having begun reading both on different days, NOW do I go back and just finish the one I started or continue alternating between them? Oh, and the other dilemma is the pesky little nagging I feel that I am supposed to be reading another book altogether….

I had a friend send me an email some months ago and in it she mentioned a book that was life changing for her- Seven, by Jen Hatmaker. She told me all about it and I thought, perhaps I’ll read that someday, but to be honest the subject matter seemed intense. She said it was all about living more simply, getting rid of excess. I like the idea of that. But the actual practice of it, well……

So yesterday, while hunting down a Maeve Binchy novel called Tara Road, from a tip I received off the ever reliable facebook,  I wandered into the “christian inspiration” section of Barnes and Nobles. And staring back at me was Seven. So I picked it up and began to browse. I did not feel inspired. I felt uncomfortable. Hmm. So I put it back.

I think I should read this book.

No, no this is just some weird expectation you have that you should read it because you’re an indulgent suburbanite.

Well, what if I am an indulgent suburbanite? Shouldn’t I at least explore the possibility that God would have some room for me to grow?

What if I discover things I don’t like? What if I need to live more simply but my husband does not? What if I have to give up Target? 

(please tell me I’m not the only one who has these back and forth discussions in her head because in re-reading this I think I sound a bit like Gollum in LOTR’s …)

So, today I am ordering Seven for my Kindle. It’s been decided that any book causing this much internal dialogue simply must be read. and along with it, somehow I still must finish Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand and Tara Road. My guess is “real readers” do not experience quite this much stress about reading, but I shall persevere in my quest. And of course I will let you know what I discover…..


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