The Great Blog Renovation- Woot! Woot!


Hello sweet blog loving friends! It has been quite a month! I am currently laying in my bed under all the covers trying to find the will to go to Kroger to get the food to feed the people. It’s at the point where I’m thinking: surely there is something I can make with chicken and tomatos and string cheese and cucumber and eggs. (Or not) Fear not, they are a hardy bunch and have been known to survive on popcorn and cereal if mama can’t find her way into the madness of Kroger on a Saturday.

Today I got to teach at the Called Women’s Conference here in my town and it was truly wonderful. But after all the exctiement and adrenaline wore off, I find myself snuggled down hoping for a quick nap. Then my thoughts turned to you! All you wonderful women (and men too!) who read Millinery and have joined in the conversations about the hats we wear and how we juggle them and how Jesus did it all perfectly in our place. And I want to tell you something exciting: I have done a renovation! My wonderful friend and sister in Christ,  Mindy, took pity on my lack of techy ablilities and kindly but beautifully updated my blog. Out with the shiny brass faucets and in with brushed steel, so to speak! I would be terribly sad to leave any of  you behind and so I’m inviting you all to follow me over to:

Now you may recall, this happened a year ago or so. BUT, in my defense,  I knew nothing about how to set up a blog when I started writing. I just had to find a place to put All.the.Words. Now, I still know almost nothing but Mindy knows almost everything, so I think I can really settle in, unpack all the ideas and explore the things God lays on my heart to share with you. It won’t be the same without you there though, so come join me and it’s my last move, promise!


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