Winter Decorating to Banish the After Christmas Letdown


Winter white mantle with natural elements including cypress, pine cones and branches.


My little side table carried the cypress theme over. I’ve read the clippings will stay fresh several weeks, if I can remember to change the water!


Have you seen those pins for sweater vases? This was crazy easy to make. Snipped off the sleeve of an old sweater and sewed a little circle at the bottom- like a draw string. It took 5 minutes, tops!


I had never noticed how my wedding china was so wintery! It was fun to display a piece of it along with a gravy boat full of clippings and a little silver box I’ve had since my teenage years.


For the kitchen table I pulled in cookie cutters with a winter but not Christmas feel. Mason jars are very Tennessee, so I added them, and there’s the rest of the sweater that was used on the vases!

Did you know today is officially known as “blue Monday”? The first Monday after New Year’s is statiscally one of the most “down” days of the year. So, while I am not one who personally struggles with depression (anxiety is more my little albatross) I decided to tackle a little decorating project I’ve been mulling around in my mind as a proactive measure against the winter blues. It is true that after my Christmas decor comes down, the house feels a little blah. So, Pinterest and I have been collaborating, eyeing others’ creative displays, and today I “shopped” my house and backyard exclusively, because my bank account has not been interested in collaborating on this endevour.

Here are the results! I had so much fun and nearly froze my fingers off clipping cypress and finding pinecones on the coldest day Tennessee has seen in 20 years!

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