It’s kind of a jungle out there. Everywhere we look there are messages designed to tear us down, terrify us and hold us back from the life Jesus died to give us.

You’re too old. You’re not thin enough. You’re not a successful mom. You don’t measure up. You’ll never get it. He doesn’t love you. They think you’re a fool. 

Some messages are screaming from magazine covers. Others whisper through the look we notice from a coworker. Still some sneak in silently at the dinner table when our teenagers are disgruntled or disinterested. Sometimes the voices feel like a familiar refrain we’ve heard sung over us our whole life. Others are new accusations. One thing is for sure: we need a way to quiet the noise.

You know one thing I love about us as women? We “get” when our friends or family feel down. We can sense our loved ones hurts. We have this beautiful gift of sensitivity that can be honed to bless those around us. The battle for all of us is belief.

Whose voice, which words will I trust and respond to? 


This is where we need each other. Sometimes desperately. To remind us of what we believe and who we believe. That God says we are loved. That every place we don’t measure up to this world’s standard, or our own for that matter, that we are perfectly loved and accepted in Christ. That He was perfection for us so we could quit measuring ourselves by our failures and start measuring ourselves by His success. We need each other to love with great courage, and therefore put the courage back in us. It takes courage to face a noisy world where everything reminds us of our own brokenness and not shrink back. Encouragement is a priceless gift we can use to change the music in a loved ones’ life.

The world doesn’t need another critic. Choose to arm others for the battlefield by infusing them with the courage to believe and listen to the truth.

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