Faithfulness is …..


image… so much more than wearing a ring.

It’s noticing an admirer across the room in a restaurant and choosing to not look their way the rest of the meal, and

not mentally comparing your spouse to your boss, or neighbor or guy on the treadmill in front of you, and

not replying to a flirty Facebook message from an old boyfriend, even if it seems rude.

It’s  valuing your spouse’s security in the relationship more than your rights, making it clear in action and attitude that you belong to another. It’s more than sexual, more than physical. It’s wanting to be faithful in your heart and removing anything that tugs you away from love toward your spouse including people, books, movies and thoughts.

It is a decision, not a feeling and therefore not capricious or yielding to momentary urges. It says no to self indulgence long before it says no to an invitation to work late together. It is wholly committed to the well being of your spouse, so it bypasses technicalities in favor of humility.

It’s most beautiful expression is found in God’s love for us, which does not rest on our ability to perform, but on His unchanging Word. That Word came down to earth, the bible says as a man, lived a perfect life because we could not, died a horrible death so we would not and rose again to prove there is nothing He cannot defeat. It is because we are loved with such fierce faithfulness that we can love faithfully as well.


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