Modern Mom’s Serenity Prayer

My mom mantra....

My mom mantra….


grant me the serenity to accept: the dirty dishes, dirty laundry, late nights tending to sick kids, car pool lines, endless arbitration between children, lack of me time, lack of alone time with my husband, lack of fun money and new wrinkles and emerging gray hairs;

the courage to: say no, apologize, take risks, sacrifice when no one sees, do the right thing regardless of the consequence, love others deeply, discipline my children, discipline myself, invest in the lives of my sisters in my church family and pursue healing;

and the wisdom to: quit comparing my life to everyone’s pinterest boards, quit measuring my self worth in the number on a scale or tag in my jeans, quit self medicating with shopping or eating or Facebook, start believing what You say about me is true, start accepting grace in the form of forgiveness, remember I am a work in progress and to find joy in my highs, lows and even mundane because life is a gift from You.



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