Fairy Tales and Real Life


My sweet Emma spent two hours at my office recently. Not usual for her, but she enjoyed drawing on my white board and cutting out paper dolls she created while I was in the office next to her counseling. When I got a break I came in to find: a. my floor covered with millions of bits of paper and b. the sweetest mural of fairy tale characters on my board. She had a leprechaun with the pot of gold, a giant rainbow with a unicorn, Rapunzel with beautiful hair hanging down from a castle and random fairies. I loved it. So “Emma”. The thought struck me, while she is mainly living a fairy tale life- complete with a mom and dad who love Jesus and her, protective big brothers, adoring grandparents and too much fluff and sparkle to contain in her bedroom- most of the precious clients I sit with, did not. In fact, some have lived closer to a nightmare than a fairy tale and they are still searching for the “happily ever after” promised in childhood tales.

You don’t have to be a counselor to understand people’s stories. Just asking questions and really listening to the answers will paint their life mural for you. Maybe even your own story is more full of trolls and dark shadows than fairies and sunshine. Can I tell you some really good news? It’s the same wonderful truth I get to share with clients who don’t yet know it.

There is a loving God who came down to rescue you from the tower of pain you’ve been locked in.

There is a hero who fought to the death to ransom you back from the evil troll.

“Somewhere over the rainbow” IS REAL.

And you don’t have to wait for “The End” to begin healing and hoping and living.



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