The Inconvenient Signs of Life

Currently no one in the family is allowed to answer or open the front door. Not because there is anything wrong with our door mind you. No, the cause of this unusual ban are six tiny, speckled eggs. In a nest. In my front door floral arrangement. On the one hand, I just have to say kudos to the bird  for building such a solid, compact little place to incubate your babies. On the other hand, it’s totally annoying to not access our front door until these birds hatch, for fear of mama abandoning the nest with all the opening and closing of our door. It’s a real inconvenience, yet I do it for the sake of six little baby birds who I figure should have a shot at life in spite of the fact that their parents need a new realtor.

Life is full of inconveniences, isn’t it? Crumbs on the floor, crumbs on the stairs, cat hair on the carpet, spills any and everywhere, papers to be signed, repairmen to be called, bills to be paid and on and on. Do you know what the common denominator is in most inconveniences? People. I have decided it’s possible to live a neat, tidy and orderly life. It’s just not possible with other people in it. Just as blood pumping through my veins is proof I am alive, these inconveniences show the metaphorical pulse that my life, is indeed full of life. Not only that, they show me that there is more to life than my short term comfort and security. It is through the inconveniences that God burns the selfishness, immaturity and pride out me so I am ready to sacrifice for, battle with and love deeply the people He has put around me.

I’ll post a picture of our front door guest’s arrival, but in the mean time, if you need something, come on by and meet me at the mudroom.


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