Embracing Age

In my younger and sillier years, I wanted to be older so I would have credibility. I felt called to help others, especially women, but didn’t think anyone would feel I had anything to say. I was only in my 20’s, looked like a teenager, but was a young mom in a dysfunctional marriage and truth be told, I really didn’t know what I didn’t know. As I aged some and finally learned through life experiences that age doesn’t equal wisdom, I quit worrying quite so much about looking credible and began wondering if I was credible. Did I even have anything to offer others? My picture perfect life had fallen apart. I was a divorced, single mom of two boys. How could I help anyone else, anyway?

I realized it wasn’t what I had to offer others that mattered, eventually. It was God who qualified me to begin ministering to women, and it all happened quite naturally. One woman at a time, God began to use His work in my life to help others understand His purpose and love for them. I have found that one of the hardest parts of working with women is helping them deal with the tendency to earn love and approval. I know that struggle well, and God has had lots of work to do, removing idols from my heart. I have found also, that the more I share my weakness, lack of faith, sin and struggles- the more credible I become. Mainly because in exposing the real me, God clearly gets the glory for who I am today. It’s been the most freeing part of my spiritual journey- letting go of the image I wanted to project and just being myself. Accepted by God, I no longer have to freak out if I suspect someone else doesn’t quite approve. I know I am loved because of who God is, not who I am (or am not) and the older I get the more I am confident in that love. So much so, that lately I do not mind so much the visible signs of age that are appearing. Wrinkles around my eyes, obstinate gray hairs to be colored, gravity taking hold. No doubt about it- I do not look like that 20 year old girl anymore, but I am okay with it.

39 and loving it! Trust me girls, it just keeps getting better!

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