Party Time (baby-palooza-central)

It is an avalanche of Pampers, pacifiiers, adorable onsie’s and baby shower bliss up in here! I have had so much fun reliving the baby days with lots of sweet mama’s over the past few months. Recently I had the priviledge to host two fun showers- one for my dear friend’s adopting three children from Colombia (yes, three!) and one for Emma’s darling teacher who is expecting her first baby. Just for fun I thought I’d share some highlights from the events.

As the children are coming from Colombia, we used a global theme
Loved how the maps looked in our decor!
Cannot WAIT to welcome these three into our church family!
The beautiful mama-to-be! Doesn’t she look so happy?
My dear friend, who is a real gourmet cook, researched authentic Colombian desserts and made these Alfajores cookies! Delish!

It was truly a wonderful celebration of a 2 1/2 year journey toward bringing home their children and I felt so blessed to get to host the joyous occasion! And there were lots of delightfully helpful friends who contributed food, creativity and love to make it a special afternoon.

My other baby shower fun was for Emma’s teacher, who is expecting her first baby boy, Avery James, next month. (We may or may not go into mourning when she goes on maternity leave) It’s a little more challenging, decorating and celebrating in a school classroom, but I think it turned out great and the kids had a blast celebrating their beloved Mrs. Wilson.

Because we combined our class Valentine’s party with the baby shower we went with the theme “Showers of Love”
We played “Guess the Baby Food” and don’t be fooled by that smile- Emma skipped the taste testing and opted to sniff the little blobs to make her guess!
All the 4th grade parents contributed food and we had quite a spread!
What a blessing for Emma to have had Mrs. Wilson this year! (side note- Emma picked out her Valentine’s Day outfit and was decidedly the most colorful child in class! Love my little fashionista!)

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