Say Cheese!

While everyone sang Happy Birthday…..

He has just never liked having his picture made. In spite of my best efforts to show how delighted I was in him smiling for the camera for his two year “Barney” themed birthday, he remained stoic.

I love this picture because it reminds me of how often as a mom you are trying to get your beloved offspring to enjoy something they clearly do not; to satisfy a picture in your mind of what that child will do or be. Or simply because you want to share something you love with them, so you want them to love it too. A huge part of becoming a healthy and truly loving mom, is letting go of the picture of who you want your child to be, and accepting them for who they really are.

Having been at this mothering business for 17+ years now I have had to do my share of letting go of my preconceived ideas. I have found great reward in discovering who God created each of my kids to  be- both the smilers and the non-smilers alike.

couldn’t you just pinch both their cheeks for the cuteness??!

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