New Year Challenge

I love the first day of January because it is a clean slate. A brand new year lays out in front, ready to be lived and loved and experienced. It makes me want to clean my house so that everything is crisp and ready for a fresh start. Today however I am not bustling about cleaning because I have decided to enjoy  my last day off work for the holidays. So instead I’ve been mentally considering what areas need a good purging and reorganizing. I found a cool pin on pinterest about “21 days of organizing” that I think I will try. (look out medicine cabinets- I’ll deal with you in an hour) 

All the thoughts of organizing and cleaning gave me an idea. It’s not even my idea- it’s an exercise from Seven that coincides nicely with my current urge to purge. As I considered trying this idea, it occurred to me maybe some of you would like to try it with me- a group adventure of sorts. Here’s the plan: for the month of January we all commit to purge items from our home on a daily basis. In Seven, Jen Hatmaker eliminated seven items daily for one month. I am taking that challenge. So for the math challenged, such as myself, that is 217 items by January 31. But perhaps you are already fairly minimalist, and you could commit to three items a day. It really doesn’t matter how many items- just that you challenge yourself to reduce excess stuff. No area of your home is off limits- garage, attic, drawers, under beds, closets, cabinets- and if I’m going to get rid of 217 items I will need to go through each of them!

So, what will you do with all those items? Glad you asked! You can obviously throw some things away or recycle, as well as donate to Goodwill or others ministries in your town. OR if you live in middle TN you could donate them to me. Because in early spring I will have a giant yard sale to raise money for Kyler’s mission trip to Nicaragua in late May.

I will be posting a picture weekly to show you the 49 items collected that week. I’d love, love to hear from any of you that are taking the challenge with me. Leave me a comment telling me you’re in and what your daily purge goal will be. Let’s start our January’s with a tangible commitment to reduce the waste in our lives and the “stuff” that traps us in materialism and commercialism.

This is my pantry which looks pretty organized, but I’ve already found three items to purge!

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