Happy New Year!

There has been so much relaxing and eating and movie watching going on in my life over the past week I have been unwilling to break away to get back to blogging. I delight in the holiday season because I am off work, my kids are off school and we spend a large amount of time having fun together. The break from structure and schedule does my spirit good!

I’ve been trying to decide if I should attempt to recap 2012 month by month, or in picture form, but I really feel overwhelmed at that thought. There is always so much life packed into 365 days- how do you condense it to 12 events or pictures? I’m grateful for the fullness in my life- all the places we go, people we love, missions we engage in- but it makes a recap nearly impossible.

So instead I will share a few of the defining moments of this year for me……

my mother in law’s surgery and recovery during May and June- exhausting but good time of pulling together as a family- so thankful she is recovering and better

reading the book Sevenhumbling and challenging

Kyler getting his first job- aware that my first born is almost gone, less mothering to do-more praying

Klynt’s journey with physical therapy after his elbow surgery- exhausting but some good bonding

the Habakkuk series at City Church- paradigm shift, learning to remember and wait

speaking at the LCG conference- God using me in a new way, giving me new opportunities

taking Emma to get her ears pierced- mother-daughter relationship really growing this year

beginning my Women’s Group- creating deeper relationships for me as we all grow in our relationship with God

creating Millinery and blogging- a new adventure, writing- allowing me to be creative

2012. A challenging year for me on a spiritual level. I have learned a tremendous amount this year about the way the Gospel applies to every area of my life. I have enjoyed new friendships and been thankful for long standing relationships who are willing to continue to love me and point me to Jesus. I am grateful for my marriage, my children and my parents- all four of them (I have set a goal that none of them will have surgery next year!) I am aware of how quickly time passes, and am thankful for ways God has been teaching me to not waste that gift.

Happy New Year friends! Looking forward to sharing my 2013 journey with you!

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