Merry Christmas!

I am sitting listening to some acoustic guitar Christmas music taking a short break before hopping back up to continue with festive preparations for my Christmas Eve feast at my home. I am delighted with my Christmas season thus far. For some reason this year I have been extra festive. (which, for those who know me, is quite a statement as I am Christmas-crazy already) We started getting out decorations very early this year. We began with watching Elf in mid-November. I don’t know if it’s because last year I was mainly jet-lagged all December from my India trip or if it’s because I’m realizing my oldest will not be home with me much longer and I want to extract every bit of family memory I can while he is still living at home. Maybe both. I also think this year I have been more reflective and introspective as a result of this little Millinery blogging adventure.

Either way, I have truly felt the blessing of Emmanuel this year- God with us. Knowing that is not who He was, but is, has been creating an abundance of joy that is oozing into cookies and snuggling on the couch and giving away money to my church’s Mission Offering and sharing food with the needy at Greenhouse Ministries. He left glory, where everything is perfect and right, to join us in a dark and broken world. As one of us. Able to be hurt and harmed and broken. All for love.

Makes me feel like singing! And so I have been, singing Joy to the World and Angels We have Heard on High and O Holy Night. I hope in your heart and home there is joy welling up that leads to worship as well. Merry Christmas from my family to you!

Russell Family 2012

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