The darkness is fading

Winter solstice passed yesterday, so the darkest night of the year will be giving way to ever so slowly longer days. I love Winter Solstice because my husband proposed to me on that very day years ago, so it’s a nostalgic reminder of God’s gift in sending me him.

But I’ve been thinking about how dark our world has been of late, and I wanted to take a minute to remind you, Jesus acknowledged this very fact. He knew what a dark world He left glory to enter. And He chose to come to bring His light to lead us back to our Creator. But He didn’t leave us in the darkness alone- He left His light in us, who are His children. He told us in fact, to “let our light shine before men” so that they too could find their way back to their Creator. It’s tempting when we face the blackness to huddle together and keep our light to ourselves.

But if we claim to follow Jesus, we must go where He went. He left the brightest best place, to come into our brokenness. He leaves us no option for retreat. This is a battle and if you call yourself a christian, you’ve enlisted in the ranks. We must bring our light out front and center- not to battle against people but for them. We are against hatred, hopelessness, poverty, injustice, ignorance, selfishness, greed, idolatry and apathy. We are for broken, messy, sinful, sad, confused people- people who were and very much are like us. We’ve simply been bought out of the prison we put ourselves in and it’s our job to bring the news to others. The same news the angels burst into the darkness to bring so many Christmas’s ago:

“Do not be afraid! We bring you good news of great joy! Unto us this day a Savior has been born- He is Christ the Lord!”

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