In the thick of it….

Help! I am in withdrawls. There is shopping mania abounding via internet and TV commercials and mailers and facebook posts. It’s all I can see. I cannot imagine at this moment why I ever decided to go on a six month shopping fast. Why didn’t I even consider how cheaply I could get a cute new holiday dress? Or how much I love to go through the drive through of Starbucks while out shopping for gifts? Why didn’t any of you intervene?? I am 2 1/2 months into this idea and I’ll tell you right now, it stinks.

I suppose, it’s possible that in the deprivation I feel, God may be speaking. Whispering something to me about how “stuff” doesn’t really satisfy- as evidenced by all the stuff around me I acquired prior to this moment. How I could sometimes, occasionally use shopping as a diversion to dealing with feelings or issues. I mean, I guess that could be part of what God is trying to tell me. But right now with all the Target jingles ringing in my ears it’s hard to tell.

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