Titus Two 4 U – Develop a Job Description

Nobody ever interview’s you from HR before you take on the biggest job of your life. There is no explanation of benefits, call back’s for second interviews or checking your references. Basically God decides you are qualified and nine months after beginning the process you are hired as “Mom”.

So from then on there is a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week job you are responsible to complete.

That seems almost impossible. And certainly it requires utter dependence on God to give you grace and strength daily. But, I have also come to see that the mom’s I have known who are the most joyful and least stressed have given themselves a more defined job description than “All related tasks to Little Johnny are the sole responsibility of this woman 24/7.” It might look something like this-

Mother shall be responsible for the feeding and care of Little Johnny daily from 6am until 8pm. During alternate hours she will share on-call duties with Father. She will maintain a safe environment for him, provide emotional and spiritual development and see that his basic needs are met. This mother does not participate in school projects, costume making or exposure to loud noises- such as parades or monster truck races. Those needs will be met by father, or hired out. All hair cuts and shoe shopping shall also fall under father’s responsibilities. In the event that the child becomes sick, mother will cease any other normal functions and see completely to the care of the child, and shall be expected to accomplish normal daily tasks on an “as able” basis, such as cooking dinner, doing laundry, taking a shower, etc. As the child ages, morning hours shall change to reflect the mother’s need to sleep and the child’s ability to help himself to a bowl of cheerios and turn on cartoons for an hour. Mother will create and maintain traditions for the child, such as Sunday morning pancakes, but all traditions are subject to revision as seen fit by the mother. Mother always shares with father: doctor visits, parent-teacher conferences, Christmas Eve construction jobs, interviewing potential team members (ie, babysitters and coaches). Mother receives one night a month and two weekends a year “off duty” paid leave. Mother always chooses a restaurant to be taken to on Mother’s Day for lunch. Mother gets first pick of photo opp’s upon completion of raising child at high school graduation. And in the year following release of child into adulthood, Mother shall be given the option to take a trip to Europe.

Now, I’m not saying this reflects my particular job description, but I will say I don’t do parades. The bottom line is every mom is unique and has parts of the job she does really well and other parts she can’t tolerate. Recognizing which parts you need to hand off to dad/grandparents or hire out frees you up to enjoy and excel in the areas you love. And deciding ahead of time it’s okay to have some basic “hours” gives you the mental break needed to endure. 

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