A new thought for me on thanks

Read a quote today I liked in keeping with the facebook “Thankful November” theme so many of my friends are participating in:

“I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought, and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.” -G.K. Chesterton

Today has not started off as my favorite. It was incredibly cold so I waited to go work out till after I took Emma to school, which has thrown off my usual morning-before-long-work-day routine. My sweet middle son is still home sick with strep throat and that means I will leave him here with a TV tray stocked with meds and drinks, but still, fending for himself for the afternoon. I am feeling a tiny, little bit run down myself, but am refusing to give that much thought as we are heading to Thanksgiving and I cannot even entertain the notion of missing out on the fun and spending my 5 days off work in bed. (shudder)

So when I came across this quote it stopped me in my tracks for a second. I’m not feeling overly thankful or grateful today, yet this way of looking at “thanks” as a form of thought was uplifting- thanks is more than a specific thought- it is a way of thinking. And when I consider gratitude as happiness doubled by wonder it resonates. It is full of wonder indeed, that God loves me. That in fact, though I am not deserving, He sent His Son Jesus, to die in my place and give me credit for His perfect life. All to reconcile me back to God. There has never been more wonderful news. When I frame my thoughts through that wonderful news- well, my happiness and thankfulness seem to inflate. To rise up in me and expose many more blessings my heart might tend to miss when I simply try to find something in the current moment to give thanks for. 

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