Titus Two 4 U – Spider Webs

It’s October and I’m feeling inspired by all the creepy decor popping up around town. Currently I’m staring at a web that is attached on one side to my living room lamp and the other side to my living room wall. I have no idea how long this little web has been there but to make myself feel better, I shall assume it was created overnight, and not three weeks ago. Here’s the interesting thing about spiders in Tennessee- they are shockingly fast at creating their webs! One time I left my car window down over night, and I kid you not, the entire window was filled with a web in the morning when I went to get in my car. Not only are they fast- they are persistent. I had this one spider (I assume it was one- maybe it was several which would explain a lot, but ruin the example, so….. let’s move on) that would create a new web every day after I would knock the old one off my mailbox. Every day. For a really long time- maybe a year. I’d go out to get the mail, brush off the web and go inside. Next day, I’d go back out to get the mail, and new web. Exact same spot. It was a battle of wills with that spider. I think I won- it’s hard to be sure with spiders.

So, these industrious Tennessee spiders got me thinking about life. Here’s the thing: spiders just do what they’re made to do, regardless of the result. Knock down their web and they will build another one. No gripping about how hard they worked or how awful failure feels. No pouting or complaining or saying “I quit!” They just keep right on making their webs.

In my life, sometimes I have worked really, really hard trying to follow God’s leading, only to feel like all my efforts were for naught. The relationship didn’t get better, the checkbook is still crazy tight, the kids are still going through whatever stage of rebellion or frustration, the laundry- oh the laundry! You know what I mean. It’s as if all the hard work and emotional energy and conversations and planning and praying have not quite succeeded in accomplishing the beautiful “web” my mind was set on. It’s sad, and hard and it makes me want to shake my fist in the air (Scarlet O’Hara style) and say “I quit!” But what that really shows is I am most concerned with the results of my life- not the process. God however, is more about the  process. Excuse the stretch here but it’s kind of like Mr. Miagi in Karate Kid. Ralph Machio is so mad about having to “wax on- wax off” and “paint the fence” he wants to quit. It all seems so pointless as his goal is to learn some tricks he can use to keep from getting beat up on a regular basis, but Mr. Miagi is teaching him everything he needs, even though he can’t see it.

So, sweet friends, keep doing what God made you to do. Be the wife, mom, friend, worker, sister, daughter, aunt that God has called you to be. Mostly and mainly, be a worshipper of Him! Perseverance, the Bible says, produces character, which in turns produces hope. You don’t get hopeful by giving up and throwing in the towel. You get there by continuing to do the next right thing, over and over and over, until one day your character is changed. And it is in that change that hope appears. 

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