My Crafty Daughter and Her Non-Crafty Mother

There is simply nothing that delights Emma more than a new bag of pom-pom’s or some paints or a tube of glitter glue. I mean, literally nothing. She just has crafting fever and it’s almost contagious. We had fun today because I decided to make a “Mumkin” from pinterest. (yes, I remember posting about how I don’t use pinterest, but lately I have discovered it’s kind of genius…..) Anyway, Em and I made the Mumkin together but seeing as how it really just involves scooping out pumkin guts and dropping a mum in it- she was unfulfilled. So we decided to go to the Dollar Tree near our house where she could buy a few Halloween type supplies to craft something a little more up to her skill level.

When we got home she was so enthused planning out her craft I joined her in scheming something I could make from items already around the house. And we worked together for one hour while dinner baked. My finished product made Emma smile. Hers provoked a smile from me also. Can I tell you how utterly thankful I am that God gave me, not just a daughter, but this one?

Our Mumkin before adding a bow!
Emma’s three dimensional multi-media art
Done with sharpie!


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