Update on Voluntary Wanting

Update: it’s harder to want things than I guessed. So far this week I’ve had to remind myself five times that I’m not buying new things for myself. There was the sale at the Garden Patch Thrift Store (Go Greenhouse!) for 50% off women’s clothing; then there was the whole conversation with myself about needing another belt; then I got the email from Funtiques full of lovely household items……

I have decided to buy two mums and two pumpkins for my front steps however. This falls under “seasonal decor for the enjoyment of the whole family” and yes, that’s a category I just created when I realized I needed pumpkins now and a Christmas tree in a few months.

So far the response to my “shopping fast” has been a range of “oh, that’s cool” to “wait, this isn’t going to punish us is it?” (from my soon-to-be 15 year old.) My response has been disappointment, attempts to rationalize and also, peace. My one thought from this week as I debated about a belt with myself was, this would be a normal way to live in most parts of the world. So I’m letting that one marinate awhile.

Off to work and then an afternoon with my girl enjoying a shopping free activity of exploring an historic village in our town. Happy October!


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