Morning Chats with Myself

Here is the conversation I’m having with myself at 5:17am about going to work out in 10 minutes:

Why can’t I just work out later? oh yeah, because I won’t as evidenced by several years.
But it’s so early. This is awful. No, awful is being a prisoner of war. This is just uncomfortable.
But I have cramps and a headache. And my work out shorts don’t fit right. And isn’t there something about modesty to be considered here? I mean, if the shorts are too tight….. stop it. you’re just stalling.
Fine, but they ARE too tight. Agreed, and perhaps the working out will help in that problem.
Why can’t I just accept the need to exercise like a normal person!? Other people seem to work out with no real internal conflict over it. Relax. One step at a time. You’ve never cared about being normal anyway. True. I just want to quit hating it so much. I’m sure there’s a spiritual principal here but I’m too cranky to care. It’s okay. Just go work out and then you’ll be less cranky and maybe figure out what God wants you to know. 

There you have it. The whole back and forth over getting on an elliptical machine at 5:26 am.  


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