I am swamped. Suddenly without warning, or my intentional permission mind you, my calendar has descended upon me like a boa constrictor. Tightening ever so slowly until I suddenly realized, “it’s got me!!!” Sigh….

It all began innocently enough. I had this idea about beginning a “mentoring women group” which I casually shared with one of my pastor’s, which then launched me into a coffee meeting, which ended up with me needing to produce an outline. Meanwhile, elsewhere on my calendar was a sneaky little commitment I made months ago to speak at an upcoming Chamber of Commerce panel breakfast representing my beloved Branches. No big deal….. something about the psychology of first impressions….. and besides that was way on the distance. However, I also remembered I had agreed to teach for our school, New Life University but it was two months away. And several months ago, I had this thought that it’d be great to help out our children’s minister by coordinating all our kid’s birthdays to send them cards and such from their teachers- and just received all the info this week via email to get started. Then Klynt broke his elbow and we had surgery thrust upon our week.

So last night as I was looking ahead at the month of September, which I had mentally rehearsed as an uneventful and restful month, I discovered I was already in the grip of “over committed”. The speaking engagement and teaching gig are both on the same week that my husband goes out of town for work, and we have an Intensive at Branches. AND somehow I’ve got to get this outline completed, as I insinuated I would have turned it in two weeks ago. AND I need to get this children’s ministry thing nailed down since I already said I would eons ago. AND my best friend from FL has tried to connect with me several times and I’m too busy to get on the phone with her!

This is the plight of a woman with ideas. Take note and learn from my mania. ALWAYS look at your calendar when making commitments. ALWAYS plan some space for random children interruptions to the schedule. ALWAYS pray before saying yes (which, in my own weak defense I did do regarding at least one of these!). Yes dear friends, I will survive my September and live to tell the tale….“remember that one year, when like a crazy person I committed to do way too many things for one woman but didn’t cancel or back out of any of them because I had just enough guilt and people pleasing to keep me going?…..” but it is my sincere plan to learn from this minor setback and do a better job balancing my delightful ideas with realistic abilities to accomplish them.

Ever so thankful that the Lord loves me and my sanguine spontaneous self, in spite of the fact that I fell asleep praying for the umpteenth time last night out of sheer exhaustion. So if you don’t hear much from Millinery, you’ll know I’m wrestling an overgrown boa into October!

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