Nurses Hat, again!

I have been so blessed as a mom, to rarely deal with illness or injury. My kids have just been easy in terms of health and so it’s unusual to have doctors, medicine or surgery for us to deal with. As a result there is a little anxiety for all of us as we approach Klynt’s surgery tomorrow. Here was Emma’s prayer tonight:

“Dear God, make sure you take care of Klynt tomorrow. There’s been a lot of drama for him with his surgery….well, you already know about that. So make sure you give him confidence. Oh and since there is a slight, slight chance- I mean, I don’t really think this, but since there is a chance, make sure he doesn’t die. And so you know, just take care of him God…..” 

Apparently, Klynt’s repeated comments about tonight being his “last meal ever” sunk in with her a bit. So after a good meal of Chicken Taco Salad- his very favorite food- and a set of “before” pictures taken by me and prayers by parents and a few texts from friends, my Klynters is as ready as he can be for his elbow repair.

This fractured elbow has been a good teaching experience, and I’m sure the lessons aren’t over yet. We’ve had discussions about why God would allow Klynt to get injured and not prevent it. How God may have prevented something much worse by allowing this injury. How a broken world causes us to get broken too. How God is more concerned with developing our character than our temporary happiness, and on and on.

So tonight, I’m praying for God to be with my son as he sleeps. To give him confidence and peace. And to allow me the opportunity to help him know God more through this experience. 


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