How We Cheer During College Football

So it begins. Every fall I get excited about the opening weekend of college football and this year to celebrate I put out a brand new flag in support of my beloved Gators. (Chomp, chomp!) My husband resurrected a yard plaque my sweet parents gave him as a gift years ago that had become really faded in the sunlight and it now looks brand new for our family’s beloved Sooners. (Boomer Sooner!)

Football in the South is a bit of a ritual. For us it involves camping out at my in-laws house wearing our team colors and eating smoky sausages, rotel dip, chili mac, taco soup, pinto’s and corn bread a la Papa Doc, and brownies. (um, not all these foods on one day mind you….) Occasionally I get a wild hair and copy a fun tailgating recipe from Southern Living. But we generally stick to the routine and it is a family event which is why I love it so. My father-in-law usually sets up three tv’s in the living room so as not to miss the action on other channels. My mother-in-law and I make sideways comments about all his cords and wires making the room look ugly, but we tolerate it- just as the men tolerate our discussions on changes to uniforms, who needs to smile more in the line up photos and questions about penalities. Emma generally brings her American Girl doll dressed in cheerleader attire and watches approximately one quarter of a game before moving into the kitchen to munch on food and watch Phineas and Ferb. Klynt picks a spot and cheers loudly and dramatically for all things OU. Kyler lays on the floor and half watches, half texts friends. I run back and forth between Gator football and OU football depending on the weekly line up.

last fall. notice, the hubs has a real jersey- I have a cute sparkly Gator.

It’s our traditions and we love them. Hope you are all enjoying your fall traditions too. They do bind a family together and create wonderful teaching moments and memories! And as we say in The Swamp, if you aren’t Gator, you’re Gator Bait!


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