Well. I just finished reading (in three days) a very challenging book, Seven written by Jen Hatmaker. I loved, loved it. First of all, I write like her! Granted, she is a far superior writer. And she has way more experience. But, we do have a similar style so that was just fun for me.

The real and more significant reason I loved, loved it was it inspired me to think. To question some of the norms in my life. To take a hard look at what I call spiritual and decide if it does, in fact, mirror the life Jesus has called me to live. Short answer: not even nearly as much as I hope for it to. Here is the best part of the book though: I did not come away feeling condemned or discouraged. Just inspired.

I shall probably explore some of the changes I choose to make to my current suburban-American lifestyle here, so be prepared. (you may be totally annoyed with me by the time my processing is over)
The biggest issue I think facing me is the realization that I am just one part of my whole family, and I cannot make radical changes all willy-nilly without causing a mutiny. And Russell mutiny is never good. Besides, God is working on my heart here, so I really need to make changes for myself before trying to get my kids to agree to give up “normal” American stuff.

I have decided the Russell family is going to begin recycling. So there. One change for the better. (I am aware most of you have been recycling forever and this hardly constitutes dramatic global change, but for us it will be a step in stewarding the earth in a more responsible way.)

My last thought for the night is how blessed I feel to be part of a community of faith that truly desires to reach “the least of these” and does not shy away from embracing broken, messy  and “sinful” people. I love that we are just as likely to have people who are brand new to faith in Christ as we are to have folks who can quote big passages of scripture. More important is how we are learning to live out scripture side by side.


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