Much to my unexpected delight, I have managed to get everyone back-to-school with a grand total of 23 pieces of paperwork this year. I don’t know why it took 51 last year, but I am not asking questions! And our only mishap was one 4th period study hall paper disappeared in all the stacks (which my middle son was highly displeased about, but I count as a success because I’m only human and it is, after all, study hall. Surely the teacher can’t find a new one for me to sign.) I am thrilled to find myself this morning in my home, alone.


I truly adore my family. But by then end of the summer, I long for the silence of a clean house. (Dirty houses feel noisy to me.)  For some reason when everyone is home, I just can’t seem to get engaged in projects or cooking or cleaning very efficiently. I think I need the satisfaction of working something to completion and being able to step back and appreciate it, without children and husband puttering around me leaving trails of empty cups, socks, keys and toys. So this morning, after going at 5:30 am to the gym, I shuttled all the people out the door to school/work and then made homemade banana bread (and washed all the dishes involved!), got homemade vegetable beef soup in the crock pot for dinner and did all my meal planning/grocery list for this Friday’s shop. Triumphant! It’s only 11am!!

On another note, I have decided once a year I need to purchase new organizing items to reward myself for all my careful and thrifty ways. With the kids getting new notebooks and pencils and such, I felt it was a good time (plus it’s all on sale right now!) so I bought a new, cute coupon keeper and decided it would be more fun to do my meal planning in a pretty journal, and I had one I haven’t used at all yet, so that was free! So, mama got her own back to school supplies for a grand total of $11.83, which in light of the couple thousand I saved in coupons last year seems like a good bonus.

Hope all my mama friends with kids in school are enjoying their new school schedule as much as I am!

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