My Unusual Hobby

I spent close to two hours browsing through our local Hastings tonight. I was alone in a book store with no time limit which equals lovely in my world. As I have discussed in earlier blogs this is my year of becoming a “real” reader. So in part, my agenda was hunting down a new book for fun reading, and also hunting for bargain books to keep in my office at work. (Found both! Will report in later about how they turned out.) While I was there I made my usual trek to the cookbook aisle. I think I spent the bulk of my time scanning titles and browsing for a bargain cookbook.

A few years ago I decided I needed a hobby. Not sure why exactly, but it seemed like something I was missing. I tried crafty things- but it always felt like pressure to get something produced. I tried exercise- miserable fail. I tried collecting things- turns out I hate having too much stuff, so that was no good either. But in the course of trial and error, I discovered one thing I love to do: read cookbooks. Admittedly, this is not very “productive”, but all the same I was relieved to at least identify a hobby. I have decided my love of skimming through volumes of Southern Living and Gooseberry Patch is the nurturing of my family and fond memories of my own childhood. My mom was (and still is) a wonderful homemaker. She loved to open our home to friends and folks visiting our church and cook them a meal. She would set a lovely table and prepare a full course meal regularly. There is a sweet and warm connection for me as I read recipes. I think of how I might use them- a dinner party, holiday meals with family, when having a new couple from church over for dinner or more commonly, for our family dinner night. Reading cookbooks inspires my creative side and helps me get out of the dinner rut it’s true, but my real joy is imagining serving meals that keep us all at the table a little longer. Where the kids can grow up with their own “warm and fuzzies” of mom’s cooking and mealtimes together.

So, I was delighted to find a Taste of Home hardback full color cookbook called Dinner on a Dime for $3.49. And for the rest of the evening, as my chores for today are done, I shall be curled up with my new cookbook and a few Milano’s and a glass of milk.

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