Summer Wrap Up

Here are some bits of thought from the last two weeks of my summer, in no particular order, that I found to be interesting upon pondering them:

a. If you choose to look at your husband’s behavior from the viewpoint of how you want him to look at yours you are often able to offer more grace (and by you I mean me)

b. It’s really hard to raise teenagers, especially if you are unwilling to be humble and apologize when you screw up.

c. Getting a sweet card in the mail is such a delightful treat in this cyber era.

d. Back to school shopping involves buying new summer clothes, which is weird and not as fun.

e. High school football is unbelievably tough on a 14 year olds body! He looks like he got in a wreck from the knees down.

f. Making the decision to get up at 5:30 am to go the the Y to work out may have been delusional.

g. I miss my oldest son now that he has a car. School starting means I get to see him more and I am looking forward to that, with an increased awareness that the clock is ticking down on my time left with him at home.

h. I get more insecure around tan women. weird and true.

i. So many people believe that God just wants them to be happy, even though this idea never appears in scripture.

j. Finding joy in God’s providence at all times is a challenge. A good challenge like searching for hidden treasure.

k. Approaching fall always makes me want to read cookbooks. It’s a good time to break out of a cooking rut plus I like “fall food” such as apple bread, and chili and spiced cider.

l. I am getting more and more cranky with noise as I age. I think I should start wearing ear plugs at home as a general rule.

m. Having friends who know how to fix cars is an incredible blessing. When making new friends you should consider pre-screening for this quality. (just kidding about the last part. kind of.)

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