August 2nd

Tomorrow, August 2nd, is one of the more important days in my life every year. It is the day God gave life to a little baby boy who would one day grow up to be the other half of my heart. I could tell you so many stories of who he is and why God brought him to me, but here is one of my favorites:
When we began our dating relationship I was a broken, but hopeful, single mama. I had recently gone through the very painful process of divorce and was still a bit wary of trusting any man besides Jesus. However I am not a cynic by nature so dating was fun and exciting, just a little scary. We met on-line before anyone did that sort of thing so we had been talking via computer for 6 weeks before we finally went on a date in person. During six weeks of talking we had covered a lot of ground. Family history, views on God and theology, football, past romantic relationship highs and lows- you know, all the stuff you talk about when beginning.
One little fact he had shared was his toenails had fungus that he couldn’t get rid of. I logged it into my brain, but really didn’t think much of it. My thighs have cellulite I can’t seem to get rid of either, so that’s a wash. But, it must have been weighing more heavily on him, because we were in person on our first date weekend, and were stopping to sit on a bench by a lake when he took off his shoes. “There they are, you may as well see them now” as he pointed to his toes. I have to tell you, I think I might have fallen in love right then.
Who does that? Throws off the mask and reveals their insecurities so casually on a first date? Not me back then, I can tell you. I had spent hours picking the perfect camouflage for my faults and failures. But he just sat there grinning. I know I laughed at him, and assessed the toes (SO not a big deal, and just to report he took meds and got rid of that stuff later- he will want that piece shared!) but I think inside I knew this was the man for me. I needed someone who was willing to be honest, even if it was a risk. I needed someone confident enough in Christ to lead but humble enough to admit he wasn’t perfect. And I needed someone to make me laugh. I had cried a river in the year before I met Scott. And I have laughed more in the 13 years we’ve been together than all the years before.

So Happy Birthday my wonderful husband! I am ever so grateful you were born, so that you could grow up to be mine.

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