What City Kids Does For Me

Emma and friend in class with their “scrolls”

I show up every 3 weeks, about 2 hours early for church to help get our little class area set up. I miss being in adult service completely on the week I do this so I can teach children. (One of which is my own little ragamuffin) It takes energy and patience and effort to do this and it is 100% worth it to me!  There are lots of reasons I have loved about my return to children’s ministry after years of serving in different areas. I love hugging on the kiddos and knowing I am another safe and caring adult in their life. I love watching them play and form their own little community. It’s hilarious to watch my own girl in her element. But mostly, I love seeing them learn God’s word.

sweet friends!

 The week highlighted in these pictures we were studying the book of Revelation. Many adults shy away from Revelation, so I was excited to dive in and see the kids learn from it. We were learning about Jesus as both lion and lamb, and how He is the only one worthy to receive glory and power in our lives. The kids loved it! But for me the sweetest part comes from hearing their simple answers to the questions we ask: why should Jesus be the one who is able to read the scroll and sit on the throne? One answered, “Well He’s the only one who died for me.” (true and yet how many other idols do I

answers from children about Who is Jesus

place on the throne of my heart who have never proven any love to me?) How is Jesus like a lion? “Lion’s are king of the jungle and Jesus is supposed to be King of our life.” Don’t you just love it?? Simple, child-like faith.  If you’ve never served in your church, I highly recommend children’s ministry as a starting place. And as a side note, I just want to say thank you to our Children’s Director, Amber Alfonso. She is a precious mommy of two girls who holds a regular rotation as teacher but misses adult service often to fill in when someone calls out sick; she shops for all our craft and snack supplies; sets up every week; schedules volunteers and TONS of other thankless tasks. But mostly she truly loves our kids and as a mom I would rather have that than any other trait or ability. When we were first visiting our church 10 months ago, she sought out my Emma, made her feel welcome and remembered her every week. She was the way God settled Emma’s heart during our transition and I will always be grateful for that. If you have some time this week, pray for your church’s children’s minister/leader. And give them a hug. And sign up to help in some way!

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