Finding Your Voice

I’ve been reading several really good blogs lately. There are so many gifted writers out there in internet land and it’s a little overwhelming the volumes of perspective you can get lost in. I have found a curious thing happens to me after reading other writers- I tend to start mimicking their “voice” when I sit down to write later. I’ve always been that way though. My husband says he can tell which friend I’ve been with because of the inflection and tone in my voice. When I was little I used to love to watch Gone With the Wind. After watching it for several hours I would end up speaking like a southern belle for days. I just tend to pick up on the way other people phrase or pronounce their words and absorb it into my own little linguistic melting pot.

Part of growing up is figuring out who you are and what you have to say and how you need to say it. I’m still on that journey to some degree I suppose. But I am learning more and more who I am. Which has led to knowing what I have to say. The part I am still wrestling out is how I need to say it. I think we all are influenced in finding our voice by who we listen to. (which is a good reason to seriously consider the company you keep, or you may find yourself reciting a mantra you don’t even agree with, or worse yet- one you agree with, but know God doesn’t) For better or worse our families shape our voice, both literally and metaphorically. But along the way, we still have to decide who God has created us to be in this world. As a christian, I believe my primary message is the Gospel of Jesus. That all other messages should ultimately point to that one. But within that context, there are many, many issues and causes that point us to Christ and lots of ways to express them.

I find as I read other blogs I am drawn to the deep, insightful and somewhat poetic writings. I appreciate that kind of thinking very much. Yet that is not really my natural voice. I am not sure exactly what my voice is, as there are days when I feel like I am almost preaching, times when I want to teach and other days where I want to be funny and light-hearted. If I had to label it I would say my voice is conversational- I write the way I would talk if you were sitting down at my kitchen table and we were chatting. That’s really my favorite way to share my heart. Too bad we can’t share coffee in blog land.

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