If a Woman Decides to Throw a Dinner Party….

I’m up really early for me today, and the house would be entirely quiet, but I’m listening to the cat make a noise that can be best described as a yodel, and a TV was apparently left on yesterday because I’m hearing the sounds of some sporting event coming from my upstairs. My lava lamp brain (see earlier blog) is on free float right now, so I have a ton of seemingly unrelated thoughts bumping around in my mind, but here’s a little sampling:

what food am I going to fix for my dinner party coming up?
and will I try to plant some flowers in my back deck planters before then,
and is this the first year I haven’t planted ANYthing for summer,
and the flowers a client brought me yesterday were beautiful,
and I need to buy more jolly ranchers for my candy dish at work,
and why am I always left with the grape ones in the bowl,
and I’ve been eating so much better this week except for the 4 double stuffed oreos 2 nights ago,
and it’s just too hot to exercise lately,
and I cannot believe the wild fire situation on CO this week- my heart just hurts for those folks,
and I’m ready to have my oldest back home from Memphis,
and perhaps I should wash his sheets tomorrow,
and while I’m at it maybe I should just wash all the sheets bc I can’t remember when it was done last,
and I really don’t want to spend my day off doing housework all day Friday,
and I told a friend I was going to a zumba class this Friday- oh no! am I going to do that?
and I hope to take Emma to the drive in sometime this summer,
and the movie Brave was very cute- perhaps it will inspire a blog soon,
and how do people have so many deep and inspiring blog posts daily??
and Scott leaves for India so soon- I should make my run to the dollar store for baggies and snacks,
and wow, India was such an incredible experience- I wish I could go with him on every trip,
and our pastor really gave us some challenges about sharing Christ this next year- I need to be praying,
and I’m so glad to be part of a church whose three part focus is Gospel-Community-Mission,
and I’m excited about getting to know women better from our church,
which brings me back to what am I going to serve at my dinner party?

The mom version of “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”


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