Did you know my name means "Busy Bee"?

Today has been good. Got up around 6:30, got Little Miss Fluff and Sparkle ready for her end of the year party which was a 50’s theme, that I didn’t know was today because I didn’t read my email last night and discover the day had been changed. However, Em had already devised a costume, so it was fairly simple. Took kids to school, came home and got ready for work (and the hair was way better today than yesterday, when it actually half fell out of the up-do I had it in during the middle of a counseling session). Then went to work for 5 hours. Twas a good Branches day (some are harder than others of course) and left to come home and eat some lunch before heading back out the door to pick up kids. Got to kiss my cute husband on his way to the hospital to visit his mama, then went to sit in the pick-up line. Retrieved beloved off-spring from educational institutions and came home to fix snacks. No homework as we are almost out of school, which is a little hallelujah for the mom of an ADHD child! Then got Emma ready for dance, took her, then ran to Target to get 6 things I needed- found them ALL in one place for reasonable prices, including XL twin sheets for Kyler to take to the dorm for a month for Gov. School. (Did a happy dance in the aisle, as I’ve been looking for XL twin sheets for 3 weeks.) Went back to dance to pick up Em and came home to eat dinner. Chicken salad sandwiches, fruit and chips. Discussed upcoming football season practices with my Klynt, handed Kyler his new sheets, changed into something nice and walked out the door to attend Kyler’s award night at his high school, did the parental pride thing and returned home at 8:15. Human yo-yo-ing done for the day, so I changed into my jammies and chatted with children about various concerns and stories, started Emma’s bath, petted the cat and ooh’d over pictures of our sweet pastor’s wife holding her baby for the first time (he’s been in the NICU since his birth 3 days ago). Now I’m about to plop into bed to go to sleep because tomorrow I work 12 hours.

This is a “normal” day in my world. In fact, most of my Tuesday’s are very much like this one. I’m blogging it for one reason: to remind myself that I am stewarding a very full life. God has given me many responsibilities, and I’m grateful for the blessings attached to them. Sometimes I forget how busy I am because A: so is everyone else and B: it’s my normal that I’ve slowly grown into. I watch all of us women, running around caring for our husbands and children, working in and out of the home, maintaining friendships and homes and work outs. I know in my life I err on the side of being too busy, taking on too many little service projects or lunch dates, doing “just one more thing” before resting. I haven’t quite “arrived” in terms of getting the balance part down. So I keep trying to make little and big adjustments. I stop and pray before I say yes. I look at my calendar to make sure it doesn’t seem overloaded. I pray some more. I depend on God’s grace to give me what I need to do the truly important things each day and I depend on God’s grace to know what is truly important. But you know, in the big picture, I feel total peace about it. I have gotten to the place where I know it’s just a season of my life and it will pass so I better live it with gusto and get messy and work hard and earn my Master’s in Momminism and Wifery. 


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