Myriad Motherhood

There are many kinds of Mothers:

Mother’s in waiting- some expecting, some adopting- balancing great hopes and dreams of sharing love and life with the child with fears of inadequacy, catastrophe and never picking a name.

Mother’s of babies- exhausted from no sleep, intently monitoring eating and pooping and breathing and crying and captivated by the newness of loving such a perfect small person.

Mother’s of toddlers- exhausted from chasing, tickling, bathing, wiping, diapering, snuggling, dressing, playing, sweeping, folding, holding, rocking, singing and many other -ing’s.

Mother’s of school aged children- tentatively releasing children into the world, hopeful it will be good to them mostly, hopeful the break will be good for mom mostly and slowly amassing an arsenal of Lego’s, crayons and DVDs.

Mother’s of pre-teens- calming mood swings, car-pooling to movies and the mall and practices, holding tightly to every moment of connection, knowing it will begin to slip away soon.

Mother’s of teenagers- laughing at antics, coaching in getting a license and a job, worrying about safety, cheering at sporting events and school performances, wondering how they could be so old already.

Mother’s of special needs children- learning a whole new language to communicate with doctors and teachers, seeing the heart of your child others might miss, hurting for the struggles you both face and thankful to have made it this far.

Mother’s of step children- cautiously learning their stories and preferences, carefully showing love, wishing they will love you back.

Mother’s of children who have died- missing them every day, wondering why, thankful for the time you had, wishing for one more moment.

Mother’s of grown children- proud of their launch into adulthood, missing the constant connection of times gone by, amazed by the person they have become, still ready to drop everything if they need you.

And this is to say nothing of single mothers, working mothers, foster mothers, grandmother’s, mother-in-laws and women who take on the role of mother in church, school, neighborhood and home to other children. No matter what kind of Mother you are, there is great purpose and honor in Mothering well. Blessings to all my Mom friends!


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