So sometimes when you run in to your favorite place to get a baked potato “to go” for lunch and you have clients in 45 minutes, they forget to tell you they just ran out of potato’s, so you wait around for awhile until you realize there is defiantly a problem, but by then they assure you your potato “will be right out”, and have a free brownie for waiting, and so then ten minutes later when you actually get your potato, you also get a card to come back for a free meal, since, in our world, 21 minutes to wait on a potato is just unacceptable. Meanwhile, the 21 minute wait was an excellent opportunity to observe the following:

1. People are somewhat awkward as they stand around waiting for their “to go” orders.
2. People expect you to be mad about their mistakes.
3. We get mad about people’s mistakes.
4. There’s never any Splenda in the table sugar caddies when I want it. I had to forage around on 5 different tables to locate some.
5. Consolation brownies are basically better than regular brownies because of the free factor and since you haven’t eaten anything yet, you’re really hungry, which makes everything taste better.
6. Baked potatoes take a really long time to cook, even in professional grade ovens.
7. If you are kind and gracious to people who have made a mistake it is a chance for them to see the love of God in you, since He is kind and gracious all the time with me and my mistakes.
8. Repeatedly looking at your watch while waiting to make sure they know you are aware of how long this is taking is not necessarily being kind or gracious.
9. If you tell people to have a good afternoon, after you finally receive your baked potato, this is gracious and surprising to the person on the recieving end.
10. It only takes 4 minutes to eat a baked potato if you have clients in 5 minutes.


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