Good Friday and Art

Where to begin? I just returned home from a day in Nashville with my husband, 3 kids and 2 parents. It really was a fun day, but if you could have been a fly on the wall with us at the art museum…..

My dad loves art. All kinds, but especially tropical, jungle type of landscapes and also good use of color. There was a little bit to suit his fancy. My mom prefers Norman Rockwell. There was no Rockwell to be seen. There was a photography/videography exhibit that we all thought was just plain odd. Kyler- well, he spent most of the experience plotting how he could be an art thief if he was that kind of person, which he is not. Klynt was beyond mortified by the entire experience. Klynt, at 14, does not have a sophisticated pallet, shall we say. He kept making references to how he felt he had walked into a cult of some sort, and that he could have painted better art with his eyes closed. Stuff like that. Scott was unimpressed in general and gave the exhibit a D-. Emma walked in each room admiring the paintings, she twirled some, interpreted meaning for her brothers, twirled a little more and reported on facts she read on each work. She was clearly in her element. I mostly enjoyed watching my family react to the experience although there was one painting that really caught my eye.

It was called The Rescue. Forgive me for forgetting the artist. But the painting struck me, because the focus was on the person preparing to go rescue- not the unseen “victim”. It was a man, shown from the back walking up a hill clearly with intention. The artist, I thought, captured the urgency and intensity of the man in such a way that I wanted to follow him up the hill to see what was happening.

It never ceases to humble and awe me that I have been rescued. On this Good Friday, I am so deeply grateful to know both how much I needed to be saved, and to know that I am. But rather than focusing on my role on the story, the painting reminded me, my focus needs to remain on The Rescuer. The writer of Hebrews says, “Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before Him, endured the cross….” So, after a very busy day of enjoying time with family, as I settle in for the night, I am returning my focus to that most important moment of sacrifice and rescue that Jesus endured to rescue my sin-sick soul. 

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