My reasons to move to Australia

Well, it’s official. Alexander and I are moving to Australia as soon as I get these sugar cookies done tonight. Do you know the book, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, Very Bad, No Good Day? It’s a classic in my house. I adore Alexander and his scowl. I feel like Alexander currently, scowl and all. Here’s the recap: I had a complete tearful meltdown with my oldest today because he made a joke about how “when things break at our house, we just live with them till we get around to fixing them” referring to his brace that snapped in half Saturday. Now, I know:

a. he was just kidding
b. it’s not true, we wait to fix things when we don’t have the money, but otherwise we get right on it

however, I still burst into tears, because deep down I sometimes feel really sad when our money is so tight I can’t “get right on” fixing something that is broken. Or even worse when I tell my child, for example, we are getting him a car for his 16th birthday, but then our van engine explodes and we have to fix that instead and can’t get him the car for 6 months. Sigh.

Additionally, I have been having dumb uterus issues for a month now. (By the way, my middle child says “the word uterus is awful and why do I have to use it and why can’t I just say I have cramps like a normal mom?”) I have something called adnomyosis (which is probably not how it’s spelled but I’m too irritable to care right now) that causes a plethera of uncomfortable symptoms I shall spare you the details of.

Plus, my middle child and I had a show down about his hideous moccasons that make him look like a hobo (for real) and he told me “I was uptight” and “no one else’s mom would care if her kid wore these shoes” and I had to stand my ground because he was both being disrespectful and stubborn, which was the right thing to do, but exhausting after 5 clients in a row this morning.

Then when I went to buy Easter plates, there were none at the 2 stores I went to. And when I got home, no one had started dinner so we had to eat an hour late. Plus, Scott fell asleep at 6:30 because he worked all day in a hot warehouse and was completely exhausted so I had no time for visiting with him and I didn’t see him yesterday because I worked till 8:30 and came home and went to bed because I was exhausted. But before going to sleep he did take the time to show me the bible verse written on our little plate that says, “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart- I have overcome the world.” Which is of course a beautiful promise, but I’m not exactly in the frame of mind to receive it, which makes me feel even more like pitiful Alexander.

So, there you have it. My testimony today is God loves me even when I’m whiny and complainy and grumpy and hormonal- which proves He is a great God, because even I don’t love me when I’m all those things. Tomorrow will be better I’m sure.

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  1. Teenagers want to make their own decisions and so I try to let mine do that especially on things that when you really think about it don't matter that much. Jack has what I call "hippie" hair and you will always find him in a tshirt, jeans, and sneakers. Are these the choices I would make for him? No. I am not crazy about his look at all. But it is what he feels comfortable with now and it is not indecent. So I let it go. Or at least I try to. We have bigger fish to fry. Anyway, just a thought on the shoe issue. Debra Jones

  2. Debra- good thoughts! I usually follow the same path with Klynt- you should see the hair I let him have! 🙂 But the shoes were, without question, beyond help. The sole has come unglued on one and the seams are ripping out on the other. Klynt is not really a pack-rat but once he has something he likes, he almost can't bear to part with it. At any rate, he offered me a compromise: he would wear the shoes till the end of the week and then throw them away with no complaining, which I thought was reasonable. And any time a teenager is "reasonable" you should stop everything to applaud it and affirm it.

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