Favorite Job Ever

My first real job, not counting babysitting which some crazy people let me do for them when I was like 11, was a cashier at Publix. I was a junior in high school and minimum wage was $4.25 per hour. I liked my job in general and I liked getting a paycheck in specific.

Since that time I have had many jobs, my least favorite being the snack bar at Oklahoma Christian University where I had to wear a green trucker hat (before it was retro and cool) that said “Itza Pizza” and  drop frozen chicken fingers and cheese stix into fry baskets. I smelled like grease all the time because of that job, not to mention I think I gained 10 lbs. Additionally, I felt mortified all the time because all these cute guys would come and order food and I felt ridiculous in my trucker hat and greasy shirt.

I worked for my dad in our family business off and on for years. I was his catalog-maker, receptionist, leads follow-uper and coffee girl. I was over paid. And it was certainly a saving grace when I was a single mom for a bit. My brother also worked in the business and would sing me real songs, but insert my name in them instead of the original lyrics. “Debi, Debi Crockett- queen of the wild frontier….” or “I believe Debi can fly, I believe Debi can touch the sky…” stuff like that. It made work fun, although none of those roles besides coffee-girl really fit me.

I cleaned houses some. I taught Bible at preschool. I waitressed. I had a very short stint of starting a business making vintage pillowcase dresses. I have an eclectic resume to say the very least. So, I was shocked when God brought me a real “grown up” job 4 years ago. My interview consisted of telling my life story to Mike, who said “well that’s great. You’re hired.” I was terrified and delighted. And thankful. Plus I got to start buying and wearing professional clothing and shed the “mom uniform” of jeans and sweats every day of my life.

There are two reasons why this is my favorite job ever. One- I get to be who God made me to be and in the process help people. Counseling in some ways is very natural for me- it’s how I’m wired. Of course my training and years in ministry helped and my on-going studies keep me growing, but essentially this is what God made me to do. The second reason I love this job is the people I work with. I cannot imagine a more supportive work environment, people who care more about me as a friend than co-worker and the best part is the common bond of faith in Christ. My goal was never really to have a career, but God saw fit to give me one anyway.

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  1. Well…I can say from experience and have told you before you truly are in your gifting…you are a fabulous counselor! And, you are right..that Mike Courtney is awesome. I am so happy for you that you get to do something you are called to do, great at, love to do…with all those great people….and a wonderful family to come home to, too! Love you!

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