So there is always a colorful mix of people who wander in and out of my garage sales. I have had so many garage sales through the years for mission fundraisers, that I now have “regulars”. They come up and say things like, “I was at your sale last year when you had that huge box of CD’s for sale” or “Didn’t you have knives for sale last time?” (as though I should try to be more consistent in my offerings, I suppose) and “I was here two years ago when your neighbor came out yelling” (her driveway was blocked by too many cars and she had a bit of a moment- I have taken to giving my neighbors advanced warning to prevent future “moments”)

Today was easy-breezy. Great weather, tons of shoppers, several friends came and spent time hanging out. I was thinking as I sat bagging up huge piles of clothes for people, I am so blessed. Blessed because of the beautiful home I live in. Blessed by friends who all rallied around my “Get-Debi-A-Washing-Machine” cause and brought me stuff to add to my pile. Blessed to have health and energy to pull off a big sale. Blessed by my husband who is not only supportive of my little ventures, but brags about me and expresses his thankfulness, which certainly makes the hard work feel more worth it. Blessed by the opportunity to teach my kids about how to deal with money and faith as they intersect. Blessed to have so much “stuff” that I can get rid of enough to pay for a new washing machine. Blessed to live in a really neat community.

Mainly I feel blessed to have come to a place in my walk with God where I know all those blessings are not more important than His plan. His glory. His work in me. Sometimes I have easy-breezy days and I know they are reflections of God’s goodness. And sometimes I have difficult, painful and hard days- and these too are reflections of God’s goodness in other forms. It’s much, much harder to be thankful for the difficult days, mind you. I’m not claiming to have that part down yet. But I KNOW that all those days are still God’s goodness in my life, as He changes and molds and refines me. It’s a good place to be.

Speaking of good places, I’m sitting in my favorite chair with my Welly, watching Emma walk around on these “pogo” type walkers she rescued from the sale today. 


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