Pick the Right Focus

So this is what greeted me this morning after I ran the two younger kiddos to school:
Sigh. What is it about a sink full of dishes that can be so disheartening? Then about 2 feet away on my kitchen counter I looked over and saw:
The trouble I face in this world sometimes seems to be a sink full of dirty dishes. Or a huge pile of unpaid bills. Or my teenage son’s attitude. Or my baby girl’s teeth. But it’s not. It’s mainly my attitude about all those things that is the trouble. And this morning, I am taking heart that Jesus has even overcome my bad attitude. My worried, unbelieving, selfish, fearful heart has been ransomed. And is in the process of being transformed.

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  1. So true sister! I had to come to grips with that as well although my "dirty dishes" mainly revolves around Ariana's health issues. Still same lesson: my attitude will dictate how I perceive it, respond to it, and live with it. Know matter how busy, complicated, stressful, or burdened I may feel, I can ALWAYS find something to be thankful for in my situation if I CHOOSE to look for it. That is my challenge but the more I practice it, the more naturally it comes. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Good reminder! Anne

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